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International Award-Winning Picture Book
Nautilus Silver Award, 2014

Exquisite art, a powerful, positive message, and written from the heart. These are the qualities which have ensured that every adventure Norbert takes will find a spot on our family's bookshelf…

~ Mike Dillard, Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

PLUS, when you purchase today, your book will be signed by the Author & the Illustrator!

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Dr. Peter London Professor Emeritus, UMASS Dartmouth

    "I believe that little Norbert has captured a deep and under-represented value; indeed, what can one small "kid" do? The moving illustrations of him capture his pluck and innocence perfectly. The text is wonderfully simple, musical and accessible. This book is a winner in every category."

  • avatar Ashley Bryan Artist, Writer, Anthologist, Storyteller, & Noted Scholar

    "The NORBERT story of a Little Dog is so well paced that children will chant the refrain "What can Little Me Do?" a question that children often ask. The carefully painted illustrations, with children's art interposed, brighten the pages. Children and adults will enjoy Norbert's adventure."

  • Andrea Ferrini Humberd Mother

    "I have to tell you that my youngest, he'll be 4 in 2 weeks, absolutely loves your book! We read it every night before bed and last night when I finished reading to him, he turned to me and, instead of saying "Can I get a puppy?", he asked, "Can I get a Norbert?"!! It was the cutest thing!"

So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Reasons you'll fall in love with Norbert

  1. Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? is inspired by Norbert, a real 3-pound registered Pet Partners® therapy dog. He volunteers at a children's hospital.
  2. Norbert shows that you don't need to be big to make a BIG difference in the world. 
  3. Norbert is a tiny hero who discovers his unique gift for helping others while showing children that each person has his or her own unique gifts.
  4. Norbert is an adorable, charming, smile-maker.
"I have three words…wow, wow, and WOW! What a beautiful book! Absolutely gorgeous. My goodness. I have never seen anything like it before...I am amazed. Great job. Did I say I am amazed? I feel like I should frame it. It is a piece of art."
- Robert Hudson, Pet Radio Show

"I have the opportunity to see this story come alive when Norbert visits the hospital. Little Norbert brings BIG smiles to patients, families and staff. From the perspective of a child life specialist, this book is an inspiring story for children of all ages."
- Lynn Belkin, Child Life Specialist/Pawprints Coordinator

Hardcover with dust jacket  |  32 Pages  |  Ages 3 & Up  |  $17.99

About The Author & Illustrator


As a mother-daughter team, we closely collaborate on all facets of the creative, educational, and publishing process with an eye for what is nurturing, delightful, and affirming. Representing 40 distinguished years in the fields of art and education, over 30 combined years of entrepreneurship, and over 10 years of marketing expertise, together we are uniquely positioned to share our skills, passions and experience for the greater good while encouraging others to do the same.

Virginia is a statewide and national award-winning Artist Educator with a Master of Fine Arts Degree and a Ph.D. She has taught all ages from PK-12, to college and adults. Julie is a Phi Beta Kappa college graduate with expertise in marketing and also working with children.If you are interested in our work, then like us, you believe that quality, care, dedication, a positive outlook, personal growth, and inspired actions are important in this fast-paced world.

"Keep an eye on Polly Parker Press; these gifted entrepreneurs are re-imagining the world of children’s book publishing."
- Ken McElroy, Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur


PLUS, when you purchase today, your book will be signed by the Author & the Illustrator!

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